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Want to learn how herbs can help improve daily life?
Want a healthy way to boost your immune system, brain, energy, physique & strength? Herbs is the way and this book is your guide. 
Want to learn how herbs can help improve daily life?
Learn a healthy way to boost your immune system, brain, energy, physique & strength. This book is your guide. 
Since learning about herbs, my life has changed. I've been actively using and learning about herbs for over 9 years to optimise my daily life including better sleep, more energy and increased strength at the gym.

Now as a certified herbalist and nutritionist, I'm proud to share this knowledge with you. 
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People just like you are benefiting from using and learning about herbs...

Herbs can heal and rejuvenate but the art of herbalism is not understood as much as it should be; especially amongst generation Y & Z. 

This herb guide aims to change that. In this book ill take you on a journey from the history of herbs to the present day uses. 

Buying this book helps you understand herbs and how herbs can impact the body including: 

 - Bodybuilding
 - Hormonal balance
 - Menstrual benefits
 - Weight loss
 - Digestion
 - Inflammation
Written in a witty, easy to digest way there is something to learn on each page. 

By Paul Otote, certified herbalist & nutritionist
Over 5000 rely on this herb guide to make herbs easy to understand
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You need this guide because it's...


Simply written and easy to follow. Key herbal concepts are explained simply.


Half of the book gives key insight into herbs. The latter part of the book categorises over 100 herbs.


For less than the price of 3 cups of coffee you learn about other energy boosting natural herbs (yes, coffee is a herb)
About Paul Otote
Certified Herbalist & Nutritionist
I’m Paul Otote. I started using herbs in 2012 and found my whole life improved. My strength, physique, energy and brain power has consistently stayed at optimal levels since. I initially wanted to master herbs to improve my life but the knowledge I gained was so useful, it had to be shared. After years of being a self taught herbalist, I studied and became a certified herbalist and nutritionist, and now this herb guide and accompanying YouTube videos have helped thousands of people across the world reach their mental and physical goals. I couldn’t be prouder. 
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"Feeling myself again"

This has been amazing for me. Since losing my mum I have not been myself mentally however using the herbs as instructed, it has given me the boost and clarity I needed mentally. Since then I've been going gym and with my vegan/alkaline diet I.have really seen a difference in my body as well as my lifting strength - @b_3_5

"I have a lot of energy"

I have been taking herbs consistently every morning with my breakfast smoothies for approx three weeks and I’ve noticed that I’m not as tired, stressed & overwhelmed as I used to be. I have noticed that I am a lot more calmer and have a lot of energy I don’t know why I didn’t start sooner -  @afianatashaa

"Less pain"

Thanks for the herb guide, So far I am using ginger and turmeric. It feels like i have less pain After workout but this can be placebo - @phil.jackson1
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