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Complete Nutrient List Guide: Nutrient Food Sources, Deficiency Symptoms, Benefits and more!
Complete Nutrient List Guide For Vegans: Nutrient Food Sources, Deficiency Symptoms, Benefits and more!
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I get asked all the time how I never get ill, stay fit and strong while eating full plant based vegan for over 7 years now

I tell people a key thing to optimising my health and physique was ensuring I knew what vitamins, minerals, fats and proteins were essential to me. Initially when I transitions I researched the body, what it needs, food sources and crafted a personal diet that I think works well for me. 

The foods I chose to eat give me all I need. Now, to help you, I've spent time curating information from some of the best sources and I put the information on how to get your nutrients into a easy to read and beautiful format. This guide contains information on each nutrient, mineral, vitamin, protein and fat, their benefits, deficiency symptoms, benefits and which nutrients relates to which. 

This guide is a must for all vegans and those considering eating plant based.
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