Complete Nutrient List For Vegans
Nutrient Food Sources, Deficiency Symptoms and Benefits 
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I've been vegan over 5 years and bodybuilding for 7. One thing that helps me stay in shape is ensuring that I give my body the right fuels to help it perform optimally. Here is a list of foods I eat and precautions I take to ensure I perform in a peak state, mentally and physically. Get your copy free

Full Nutrient List

Full list of nutrient and minerals the body requires to strive including Protein, Fats, Vitamins and Minerals.

Deficiency Symptoms

You will see Deficiency Symptoms associated with a lack in a particular nutrient.

Benefits Of A Nutrient

What each nutrient does in the body. Have you ever wondered the effects of the nutrients in your food. What are the definitions of these nutrients. 

Much Much More

Lots more included, for example visual guide to foods and how different nutrients and minerals relate to one another
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